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Wiltan Ltd

Stan Zurek, Wiltan Ltd, Encyclopedia Magnetica,
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2013-13-06

Wiltan Ltd (also Wiltan Magnetic Components) - a British company manufacturing laminations and wound cores.

Wiltan was established in 1985 when other companies were downsizing.1) Some of the equipment was acquired from the dissolved company Telmag Magnetic Components Ltd. Interestingly, “Wiltan / Telmag” was used on some of Wiltan's logos, even though the official company name was just “Wiltan”.2)

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A toroidal core made by Wiltan Ltd

Apart from regular production, Wiltan also sources other products, including ferrites and other accessories. Products like: E cores, Mu-metal and thin gauge (0.1 mm and 0.05 mm) are available to customer specification.

Wiltan sponsored or was otherwise co-involved in several research projects carried out at Wolfson Centre for Magnetics Technology at Cardiff University, Wales, UK. This included programmes like Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).3)

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In 2002 Wiltan won an award for the long-term partnership with the Wolfson Centre.5)

In 2008 Wiltan was announced as the Business in the Community (BITC) Welsh Business of the Year6), as well as JCP Wales Employer Diversity Award 2008 in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Category.7)

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