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Rotational magnetisation

Stan Zurek, Rotational magnetisation, Encyclopedia Magnetica,

Rotational magnetisation - a type of magnetisation in which the excitation changes direction in a rotational manner. This is different from alternating magnetisation, where the direction is mostly constant, only just amplitude changes (e.g. as in transformers).

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Animation of rotational magnetisation, made from data measured for grain-oriented electrical steel, circular B of 1.7T, 50 Hz Animation of differences between power loss measured under clockwise and anticlockwise rotational magnetisation. The differences are caused by angular misalignment of B and H sensors in a fieldmetric method1)

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1) Zurek S., et al., On the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise power losses, Part 1: Mathematical study, IEE Proceedings, Science, Measurement & Technology, Vol. 153, No. 4. July 2006, p. 147-151
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