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Recess or slot 1) - a depression pre-made in a ferrite core for accommodating the core clip.

The clip is secured in one place so that it cannot slide off the core (e.g. when exposed to mechanical vibrations).2)

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Additionally, because the clip sits in the recess, the whole setup occupies slightly less space when assembled, than for a comparable core without a recess.

The cores and plates with recess are usually marked with additional “R”, or “S” (slot) for plates. For instance, the core could be E14/3.5/5/R and the corresponding plate PLT14/5/1.5/R or PLT14/5/1.5/S.3)

Planar core (EI) with recess (in the core and the plate) ei_planar_core_with_recesses_magnetica.jpg
Planar core (EE) with recess eelp_core_with_recess_magnetica.jpg


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