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Pearson current monitor

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Pearson current monitor, Pearson current transformer1), Pearson probe2), or Pearson coil3) - a type of precision current transformer used for measurement of wideband, high-frequency or impulse currents.

Pearson current monitor model 110A (10 kA)
Copyrights © Pearson Electronics, Inc.
A family of Pearson current monitors
Copyrights © Pearson Electronics, Inc.

Pearson current monitors are not a separate class of devices, and their design follows rules required for high-frequency current transformers. The name “Pearson” is a registered trademark of Pearson Electronics Inc. who began production of such devices in 1950s.4)

Nowadays the company specialises in precision, wide-band and high-frequency current sensors.5)

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Typical applications

A common feature is that the device is equipped with BNC plug suitable for direct connection to an oscilloscope, through a 50 Ω coaxial cable.

The Pearson current monitors can be used over similar range of frequencies and currents as Rogowski coils (from single Hz to MHz), but they usually offer better sensitivity6), but the cores are rigid so cannot be used in applications were flexible Rogowski coils are required.

Typical applications include:

Data sheets

Example of data sheets of Pearson Current Monitors:

Model 2877 (100 A)

Copyrights © Pearson Electronics, Inc.

Model 110A (10 kA)

Copyrights © Pearson Electronics, Inc.

Model 2093 (500 kA)

Copyrights © Pearson Electronics, Inc.

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