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International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources

Stan Zurek, International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, Encyclopedia Magnetica,
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2013-01-23

International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources (in full International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, Induction, Conduction, Dielectric and Microwaves & EPM, also referred to in short as HES1)) - an international conference focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on electromagnetic heating (induction heating). The conference is organised every 3 years, usually in May, by the University of Padua.

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The conference was known before as Induction Heating Seminar IHS (1998), Heating by Internal Sources HIS (2001), and eventually Heating by Electromagnetic Sources HES (from 2004).2) In HES 2007 there were 97 papers submitted by participants from 20 countries.3)


  • Heating of metal billets, strips and wires
  • Heat treatments of metals
  • Melting of metals
  • MHD problems in metallurgical processes
  • EM stirring, casting, shaping, forming, levitation
  • Modelling for electromagnetic processing
  • Modern power supply
  • Microwaves and RF Modelling and Processing
  • Processes for new and innovative products
  • Biomedical Applications

List of HES conferences

  • 1998 - Induction Heating Seminar
  • 2001 - Heating by Internal Sources, IHS-01
  • 2004 - Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, HES-04
  • 2007 - HES-07
  • 2010, 19-21 May - HES-10
  • 2013, 20-24 May - HES-13

Organizing and scientific committee

  • Prof. S.Asai, Nagoya University, Japan
  • Prof. E.Baake, Hannover University, Germany
  • Prof. J.Barglik, Silesian Univ. of Technology, Poland
  • Prof. Yu.Blinov, ETU - St.Petersburg Univ., Russia
  • Prof. E.Dede, University of Valencia, Spain
  • Prof. D.Lavers, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Prof. V.Demidovich, ETU - St.Petersburg Univ., Russia
  • Prof. D.Elias de Los Reyes – Univ. of Valencia, Spain
  • Prof. Y.Fautrelle, INP Grenoble/CNRS, France
  • Prof. C.Leonelli, Univ. of Modena-Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Prof. B.Nacke, Hannover University, Germany
  • Prof. V.Nemkov, Center for Induction Technology, USA
  • Dr.Ing. B.Paya, EDF - Centre des Renardières, France
  • Prof. K.Van Reusel, Katholieke Univ. Leuven, Belgium
  • Prof. F.Dughiero, Scientific Secretariat, Padua, Italy
  • Dr.Ing. M.Forzan, Scientific Secretariat, Padua, Italy

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