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Stan Zurek, FRM27/3.8/9, Encyclopedia Magnetica,
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2014-01-21

FRM27/3.8/9 (also FRM27-3.8-9 or FRM 27 x 3.8 x 9) - a type of frame core made of soft ferrite, supplied by Ferroxcube.1)

The numbers refer to dimensions of the frame, so 27 = 27 mm, etc.

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The core comprises a cuboid bar, which slides into a bobbin. The outer frame of the core is assembled on top of the bobbin.

The bar has a symbol BAR28/2.3/3.8 (or BAR28-2.3-3.8). The bar is marked with “28” because it is slightly longer (28 +/- 0.5 mm).

The relative winding width is longer than in most of other ferrite cores, which allows for the bobbin to have multiple sections. The manufacturer offers the multiple-chamber bobbin, but there is no indication of how all the parts should be held together (e.g. a clip).

As of 2013 the core was offered in two materials: 3C90 and 3C91.


Frame core (FRM20 shown for illustration) with the bar inserted into a bobbin
Disassembled frame core (FRM20), bar and bobbin

Core parameters

The table below lists the core set parameters as given by Ferroxcube.2)

Symbol Parameter Value
Σ(l/A) core factor 5.56 mm-1
Ve effective volume 504 mm
le effective length 52.1 mm
Ae effective area 9.7 mm2
Amin minimum area 8.7 mm2
m mass of frame 1.6 g
m mass of bar 1.2 g

The values were measured for frame with a bar core, without an air gap.3)

Material grade AL value effective permeability μe
3C90 350 nH +/- 20% 1550
3C91 420 nH +/- 20% 1860

Data sheets

Ferrite core FRM27/3.8/9 Ferroxcube

Copyrights © Ferroxcube

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1), 2), 3) Ferroxcube, Soft Ferrites and Accessories, Data Handbook, 2013
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