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Ferrotron 559H

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Ferrotron 559H (also Ferrotron 559) - a trade name of high-frequency magnetic material manufactured by Fluxtrol Inc.

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Ferrotron 559H is designed to be used in flux concentrators1) mostly for induction heating. The manufacturer recommends operating frequency between 10-3000 kHz.

The material is made with increased volume of an organic binder and it has excellent machinability.2)

Ferrotron 559H used as a flux concentrator on round induction coils3) ferrotron_559h_fluxtrol.jpg Copyright © Fluxtrol Inc.


Basic parameters of Ferrotron 559H 5)
product identification colour grey
density +/-2% 5900 kg/m³
initial permeability 16
maximum permeability 18
saturation flux density 0.9 T
operating frequency range 10-3000 kHz
major frequency range 50-1000 kHz
temperature resistance 250°C (long term), 300°C (short term)
thermal conductivity 0.04 W/(cm·°C) = 4 W/(m·K)
resistivity >15 kΩ·cm = >150 Ω·m

Data sheet

Data sheet for Ferrotron 559H

Copyrights © Fluxtrol, Inc.

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