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Alphaform LF

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Alphaform LF (or AlphaForm LF) - a magnetodielectric material manufactured by Fluxtrol Inc.

Flux concentrator made from AlphaForm LF increased efficiency of the “earmuff” brazing coil1) alphaform_lf_earmuff_by_fluxtrol.jpg Copyrights © Fluxtrol Inc.
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Magnetisation curves for Alphaform LF and Alphaform MF materials2)

Alphaform LF has similar magnetic properties to such materials like Fluxtrol, but it is delivered in a formable state so that it can be modelled into a desired shape. A flux concentrator made from Alphaform LF can be easily retrofitted to an existing induction coils. Manual shaping of such flux concentrator might result with wider mechanical tolerances than it is the case for machined parts.3)

The product is a soft magnetic composite based on thermal-curing epoxy binder. The resin cures by exposing to temperature up to 190°. After curing and during normal operation the part can be exposed to 225° for prolonged periods, and up to 300° for short intervals.

The “LF” stands for “low frequency” as compared to frequency ranges of other Fluxtrol materials.


Basic parameters of Alphaform LF 4)
density +/-2% 4.1 g/cm³ = 4100 kg/m³
initial permeability 11
maximum permeability 13
saturation flux density 1.0 T
operating frequency range 1-80 kHz
major frequency range 3-50 kHz
temperature resistance 225°C (long term), 300°C (short term)
thermal conductivity 0.02 W/(cm·C) = 2 W/(m·K)
resistivity >15 kΩ·cm = 150 Ω·m

Data sheet

Data sheet for Alphaform LF

Copyrights © Fluxtrol, Inc.

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