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Encyclopedia Magnetica™

Copyright © Stan Zurek, Encyclopedia Magnetica™

Encyclopedia Magnetica™ is an encyclopaedia of magnetics.

There are encyclopaedic articles on various topics from the area of widely applied “magnetics”: from theory and physics, through materials, devices, machines, sensors, technologies, to application in science, medicine, everyday life and much more.

How is Encyclopedia Magnetica™ different from Wikipedia?

In Wikipedia the articles are written by many authors, often anonymous. Although mostly correct, the articles might contain errors, and the sources of the information are often not given. It is almost impossible to verify who are the authors of a given article or paragraph, what is their background, what are the sources on which the information is based.

Encyclopedia Magnetica was started on 25th September 2012 by Dr Stan Zurek, who holds a PhD in magnetics-related discipline and is a Senior Member of IEEE, Magnetics Society. He has been working for number of years in academia and industry and authored over 100 scientific and technical publications, as well as participated in a number of international and UK magnetic conferences.

Each article is written or verified either by Stan Zurek, or by another colleague with appropriate degree or experience in magnetics, or a related field, such as Dr Jeanete Leicht, Mr Jeff Jones, or Dr Krzysztof Chwastek.

All articles are supported by references (listed at the bottom of each page), which are sources of the factual information, equations, diagrams, etc. These are: books, peer reviewed papers, PhD theses, or manufacturer information (for instance if specific devices or materials are mentioned). Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia Commons might be used sometimes only as a source of images.

Because of such publication process the presented information is more reliable. The articles might not be complete, but they will not contain false unreferenced information. The Authors do not claim to posses absolute knowledge in all imaginable sub-areas of magnetics. But their expertise allows much more weighted judgement on the quality of the sources, so that the Reader can have greater confidence in the quality of the presented information, as compared to Wikipedia.

Of course inaccuracies might occur if they exist in the original sources, or are difficult to interpret. Should any mistakes be spotted please let us know and we will correct them immediately. Contact details are given in the next section.

The full review process is described here: Review process.

Structure of Encyclopedia Magnetica™ articles

Each article starts with an intuitive concise definition, followed by a more detailed text. Each article is signed with a real name of the author(s), with link to authors' personal pages. Date of the latest modification is also included (at the bottom of the page) for benefit of the Readers.

Contact details

(Please note that we are unable to provide help on solving problems on ANY topic. But if you are interested in a commercial co-operation then we will be happy to hear from you.)

You can contact us by emailing:

Commercial sponsoring of a given page can be arranged with a small fee in exchange for displaying a banner, a sponsored text, etc. All fees will go towards supporting the cost of hosting of the website.

Can I use Encyclopedia Magnetica™ materials?

Yes, you can. But there are some conditions - see below.

Citing as a reference

You are more than welcome to freely read, study and refer to the Encyclopedia Magnetica™ articles in other publications. In such case use the following (for instance):

Stan Zurek, Air gap,, {accessed 2014-07-13}

Copying text

All text can be freely copied, as long as the name of the author, the license and the source are given. There is no need to ask for specific permission. To credit use for instance:

Stan Zurek, source:, licence: CC-BY-3.0

Copying images

Most of the images are free to be copied as long as the name of the author, the license and the source are given. Appropriate information in green colour is displayed at the description page for each image (click on the image to display it). Please note that images in the same article can be free or copyrighted - each image is denoted with an appropriate description directly underneath where it is displayed.

You can use this image freely, but you must give the following credits:

S. Zurek, Encyclopedia Magnetica™, CC-BY-3.0.

However, some graphics and files are COPYRIGHTED. These will be marked in red colour and cannot be used unless a written permission is granted from the author of the file (and not Encyclopedia Magnetica). Again, appropriate information is shown in the description page of each file. Please note that if the contact details are not given explicitly then we will are unable to help you with contacting the author of a given image (for instance we might not have permission to give any contact details).

The copyright protection will apply to most data sheets, so the description will be for example:

This file is an original data sheet as published by the manufacturer or the supplier.

It is a copyrighted © document and you are not allowed to extract or modify its content.


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