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Symposium of Magnetic Measurements

Stan Zurek, Symposium of Magnetic Measurements, Encyclopedia Magnetica,

Symposium of Magnetic Measurements - (in Polish: Sympozjum Pomiarów Magnetycznych, SPM) - a conference on theory and practice of measurements of magnetic quantities.1)

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Roman Janiczek opens XIII Sympozjum Pomiarów Magnetycznych in 2006, in Częstochowa, Poland spm_2006_1_magnetica.jpg

The first symposium was in 1985 and initially was held only in Polish. From its 10th edition in October 2011 in Warsaw it became an international event, with participants from the following countries: Poland, Japan, Colombia, Israel, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, UK and Romania. Forty papers were presented orally and as posters.2)

Symposium of Magnetic Measurements should not be confused with Soft Magnetic Materials Conference.

Scope of the conference


Oral session at XIII Symposium spm_2006_3_magnetica.jpg
Poster session at XIII Symposium spm_2006_4_magnetica.jpg
Participants at XIII Symposium in Częstochowa, Poland spm_2006_2_magnetica.jpg

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