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Magnetic path length

Stan Zurek, Magnetic path length, Encyclopedia Magnetica

Magnetic path length, path length or magnetic path, typically represented by the symbol $l$ for “length” 1)2)3) or MPL4) - is the effective path taken by the magnetic flux in a magnetic core or magnetic circuit. The path is measured in the units of length (e.g. metres).

The concept of path length is used in calculations such as: deriving the value of magnetic field strength H from the magnetising current1) in a closed magnetic circuit3), magnetic reluctance4), effective permeability4), and many more.

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Fig. 1. Magnetic path in a magnetic core
Fig. 2. Gapped core with: total magnetic path length $l$ (orange), length of core $l_{core}$ (blue) and length of air gap $l_g$ (red)
Fig. 3. Gapped core with: magnetic path length in the core $l_{core}$ (blue) and length of air gap $l_{gap}$ (red)

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