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Magnetic component

Stan Zurek, Magnetic component, Encyclopedia Magnetica,
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2013-07-08

Magnetic component or inductive component - a name commonly used when referring to small commercially or industrially available components utilising some magnetic or electromagnetic phenomena.

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Magnetic components are widely used in electronic and electrical industry, and many manufacturers describe themselves as producers of “magnetic components”.1)2)3)

The “magnetic components” can vary from raw and processed magnetic materials (in form of a tape, ribbon, lamination, magnetic core), through components wound with a winding wire (coil, winding, solenoid), to fully assembled devices (transformer, CT, choke, inductor, sensor).

Some of these follow standardised dimensions and performance (e.g. ETD ferrite cores), but many companies also offer bespoke design and made-to-order production runs.4)

Examples of magnetic components

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