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Deflection coil

Stan Zurek, Deflection coil, Encyclopedia Magnetica,

Deflection coil - a coil used for deflecting a beam of charged particles. The angular deflection is proportional to the flux density produced by the coil.

Deflection coils are used in pairs in order to facilitate deflection in arbitrary directions (within a given volume). For instance, in cathode ray tubes (CRT) there are usually two pairs of coils (so four in total) to allow simultaneous deflection in horizontal and vertical directions.

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Deflection coils on a CRT deflection_coils_1_magnetica.jpg
Deflection coils on a CRT deflection_coils_2_magnetica.jpg
Deflection coils on a CRT deflection_coils_3_magnetica.jpg
Deflection coils on a CRT deflection_coils_4_magnetica.jpg
Deflection coils on a CRT x-default

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