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Calculator of magnetic susceptibility

See also: Magnetic units.

Magnetic susceptibility can be calculated from magnetisation M and magnetic field strength H, with the SI units:

Quantity Equation SI units CGS units Conversion factor F
such that SI = F·CGS
Volume magnetic susceptibility
$M$ - magnetisation (A/m)
$H$ - magnetic field strength (A/m)
$$ χ_\text{vol} = \frac{M}{H} $$ (unitless)
≡ (A/m)/(A/m)
(unitless) $4π$
Mass magnetic susceptibility
$ρ$ - mass density (kg/m3)
$$ χ_\text{mass} = \frac{χ_\text{vol}}{ρ} $$ (m3/kg) (cm3/g) $4π×10^{-3}$
Molar magnetic susceptibility
$ρ$ - mass density (kg/m3)
$m_\text{mol}$ - molar mass (kg/mol)
$$ χ_\text{mol} = \frac{χ_\text{vol}·m_\text{mol}}{ρ} $$ (m3/mol) (cm3/mol) $4π×10^{-6}$
Convert from:
    (use 2.2e-5 for 2.2×10-5)

Additional data required for conversion of mass and molar values:
Mass density:  
Molar mass:     


Convert to:

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