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Calculator of power loss from volume-based to weight-based

This calculator allows converting power loss between units based on volume and weight.

$$ P_{weight} = \frac{P_{vol}}{D} $$ (W/kg)
$$ P_{vol} = P_{weigth}·D $$ (W/m3)
where: $P_{weight}$ - weight specific power loss (W/kg), $P_{vol}$ - volume specific power loss (W/m3), $D$ - density (kg/m3).

Choose the units to control the conversion:            Density D =

from input loss P =             to output loss P =


  • When converting from volumetric to volumetric (or from weight-based to weight-based) then the value of density is irrelevant (any value different than zero is acceptable).
  • Typical density:

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