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Calculator of magnetic units

This page contains a collection of calculators, for converting values between various magnetic units.

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gauss to tesla

$B$ (T) = $10^{-4}· B$ (G)
B (gauss) =         B =

tesla to gauss

$B$ (G) = $10^{4}· B$ (T)
B =         B (gauss) =

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oersted to A/m

$H$ (Oe) = $\frac{1000}{4·π}· H$ (A/m)
H (Oe) =         H =

A/m to oersted

$H$ (A/m) = $\frac{4·π}{1000}· H$ (Oe)
H =         H (Oe) =

MGOe to kJ/m³

$B·H$ (GOe) = $\frac{1000}{4·π·10000}· H$ (J/m³)
B·H (MGOe) =         B·H =
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